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Double Contrabass
Flute in C
Brass Body, Silver Lip-plate
Soldered Tone-hole
Chrome plated
Flute Stand included

Body Weight: 15kg (33 lb)
Height: 2m 40cm (7.7ft)
Body Full Length:  5.4m (17.7ft.)
Tube Diameter:  80mm
Tube Thickness:  8mm 
Weight w/Case: 30kg (66 lb)
Case: 130cm x 45cm x 24cm
Contrabass Flute in C

 Brass Body, Silver Lip-plate, 
 Soldered Tone-hole, Silver plated, B-foot joint

 Option:  Trill Key.................................................
 Option:  Flute Stand...........................................
 Option:  Be-mode (membrane sound, 1 hole)
 Option:  Es & Roller..............................................

Body Weight: 4.8kg (10.6 lb)
Height:  2m (6.56 ft)
Body Full Length:  2.7m
Tube Diameter:  50mm
Case:  83cm x 43cm x 15cm


$2,600 up
$  850 up
$1,040 up
$   800 up
Bass Flute in F

Brass Body, Silver Lip-plate 
Soldered Tone-hole, Silver plated
E- foot joint 

Option: Trill Key
Option: Flute Stand
Option: Be-mode
(Membrane Sound, 1 hole) *

Body Weight:  3.8kg (8.4 lb)
Body Full Length:  2m
Tube Diameter:  50mm
Tube Thickness:  6mm
Height:  1.5m (4.9ft)
Weight w/Case: 12.5kg 
Case: 85cm x 35cm x 15cm

$2,600 up
$  850 up
$1,040 up
Bass Flute in C

Nickel Silver plated, Soldered Tone-hole
Silver Lip-plate, B foot joint

Silver Tube 
Option:  Silver Head
Option:  E-Mechanism
Option:  Open-hole
Option:  Be-mode   (
Membrane Sound, 2 holes)*

Body Weight:  1.8kg (4.0 lb)
Body Full Length:  1.3m (4.3 ft.)
Weight w/Case: 8.9kg (19.6 lb)
Case: 69cm x 23cm x 10cm

  $2,990 up
  $1,020 up
  $  900 up
  $1,020 up
  $1,040 up
Alto Flute in G

Weight: w/Case: 1.3kg(2.9lb)
Case 50cm x 15cm x 8cm

Closed-hole Model or Open-hole Model
All Silver, Soldered Tone-hole

Option:  Fis Foot joint
Option:  E-Mechanism
Option:  Right hand assistant key
Option:  Be-mode  (
Membrane Sound, 2 holes)*
( Gold 14K body is available.)

  $1,660 up
  $  800 up
  $1,660 up
  $1,040 up
Concert Flute in C

Weight w/Case: 350-500g 
Case: 43cm x 10cm x 7cm

All Silver, Open-hole, B-foot
Option: E-Mechanism
Option: C# - Trill
Option: Be-mode  (
Membrane Sound, 2 holes) *
(Tube thickness - Light, Heavy & Extra Heavy)
(Gold - Gold Plated, 14K 18K)
 $ 980 up
  $1,050 up
  $1,040 up
Soprano Flute in F

Weight w/Case: 200g 
Case: 28cm x 8cm x 5cm

All Silver, Soldered tone-hole

Option:  Be-mode   (
Membrane Sound, 2 holes)*
$ 10,800

  $1,040 up

Mr. Kotato & Mr. Fukushima are excellent craftsmen who were working with Shozo at Muramatsu Flute in Japan from 1970 to 1980. Their performance is also same as professional player as to conduct flute ensemble, "PIACERE".

* What is Be-Mode/ Membrane Sound?
It's a additional device which produce a unique sound color.   Mr. Kotato developed the device to imitate the sound of Chinese bamboo flute.  It also sounds like from bassoon reed.  It is installed inside the head joint and covered by thin membrane.  You can switch to Be-mode from regular mode by finger touch.   Because this device is only installed to Kotato flutes, more and more players who play jazz or original contemporary  music are paying attention to it.  Mattias Ziegler and Peter Sheridan are the prominent successful players for using it.

1 hole

for Double Contra Bass
Contra Bass & Bass in F flute

2 holes 
for Bass in C, Alto, Concert & Soprano flute

Paige Long
Director of Florida Flute Orchestra

Peter Sheridan
Prof. of Melbourne University

Be-Mode Demonstration at Kotato Factory: 
                                                Coming soon for Youtube image


All Kotato Flutes are custom made.
Deposit: 25 - 50% at the time of your order.
Delivery: 6 to 12 months waiting time.
price is subject to change by the money exchange rate without notice.

Custom Order Details:

1) Flute price: As the Kotato flutes are made in Japan, currency rate is very changeable from time to time.  
   Your flute price will be decided at the time of your order.
2)  Since every flute is made to each customer's specifications and options, the sale is irrevocable. 
    You can change your options and specifications at the time of production.
3) Payment:  Deposit is varied  by the model.  Order confirmation will be issued at the time of order. 
    Remaining balance have to be paid at the time of delivery. 
4) Shipping:  If you can't pick up your flute at Ogura Flute Works, shipping and handling charge will be added. 
     After confirmed your final payment, we'll send your flute.  Shipping option is available by your request.
5) Foreign Customers:  You are responsible for all foreign duties and taxes.

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