Flute Service

Professional Repair

Ogura Flute Works take great pride in the skill and knowledge of our master craftsman Shozo. Estimated charge can be determined by actual inspection of the instrument. 

Typically repairs will take one or two days. An overhaul needs 7 to 14 days. Charges will vary depending on used materials and the condition of the instrument.


Ogura Flute Works welcomes out of area repair work. Shipping via UPS is highly recommended. Packages can be shipped and tracked with assured accuracy. An immediate estimate of repair work and return date can be given soon after the package arrives.

Flute Repair Charges

Effective as Nov. 2022

Typical repair examples are shown here and we can do any other custom jobs.  Small jobs will be done in a few hours by request.

Professional Flutes:

(Muramatsu, KOTATO, Sankyo, Haynes, Powell, Brannen, Burkart, Nagahara)

A: Balance & Adjustment$460 – $500$500 – $580
B: Filing & Solderingfrom $200from $200
C: Overhaulfrom $1,500from $1,800
D: Overhaulfrom $1,800from $2,000
E: Overhaulfrom $2,500from $2,800

Intermediate Flutes:

(Yamaha, Altus, Pearl, Hammig,  James, Miyazawa)

A: Balance & Adjustment$450 – $500$500 – $580
B: Filing & Solderingfrom $200from $200
C: Overhaulfrom $1,400from $1,800
D: Overhaulfrom $1,800from $2,000
E: Overhaulfrom $2,500from $2,800

Student Flutes:

(Alpine, Armstrong, Artley, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Piccolos)

B-foot, Picc.
A: Balance & Adjustment$380 – $450$400 – $550
B: Filing & Solderingfrom $200from $200
C: OverhaulOn Requestfrom $1,400
D: OverhaulOn Requestfrom $1,600
E: OverhaulOn RequestOn Request


Grade A3 day
Pad change, 1 to 4 pcs., felt and cork change (Cleaning, Oiling & Adjusting)

Grade B5 days
Repair of dent and bend, Spring change(Charge is varied by the damage Condition.)

Grade C8 days
All pad change and cleaned by hand (2 to 5 years after your purchase)

Grade D10 days
C plus pipe extension and cleaned by buffer (5 to 15 years after your purchase)

Grade E14 days
D plus key, pipe, shaft and spring change (over 20 years after your purchase)