Shozo’s Profile

Professional Flute Consultant is here!

10 years’ experience mfg. & repair of Muramatsu Flute-Japan.
Factory trained to play test, tune, voice and touch balance key action to meet exacting specifications for intonation and response needed for professional flutes.
・3 years Chief Repairman at Muramatsu Flute-USA in Detroit.
・Currently 4,000 satisfied customers and 250 professional players in USA.

“Good friend and one of the most ideal craftsman.”  Ervin Monroe

(President of Muramatsu USA)

“His techniques are highly appreciated among professional flutist.”  James Newton

(Jazz Sololist & Composer)

“He is a Maestro with flutes for LA phil player to New York musician.”

(Daily Breeze)

“The finest repairman in the LA area. My flutes are in good hands.”  Ann D. Zentner

(LA Phil Orchestra)