As of May 1, 2024

Double Contrabass Flute in C $48,800

Silver Lip-plate, Brass Body with Chrome Plated, Silver Plated Keys, Soldered Tone-hole Stand & Case included.

Body Weight: 15kg 
Height: 2m 40cm 
Body Full Length:  5.4m 
Tube Diameter:  80mm
Tube Thickness:  8mm 
Weight w/Case: 30kg 
Case: 130cm x 45cm x 24cm

Contrabass Flute in C $28,000

Silver Lip-plate, Brass Body with Silver Plated Soldered Tone-hole, B foot joint, Case included.
Option:  Trill Key ($2,700 up)
Option:  Flute Stand ($900 up)
Option:  Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($1,700 up)
Option:  Es & D Roller ($850 up)

Body Weight: 4.8kg (40 Ib)
Height:  2m 
Body Full Length:  2.7m
Tube Diameter:  60mm
Case:  90cm x 43cm x 25cm

Bass Flute in F $23,800

Silver Lip-plate, Brass Body with Silver Plated Soldered Tone hole, E- foot joint, Case included.

Option: Trill Key ($2,700 up)
Option: Flute Stand ($900 up)
Option: Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($1,700 up)

Body Weight:  3.8kg
Body Full Length:  2m
Tube Diameter:  50mm
Tube Thickness:  6mm
Height:  1.5m
Weight w/Case: 12.5kg
Case: 85cm x 35cm x 15cm

Bass Flute in C Vertical $17,400

Nickel Silver Plated Head & Body Soldered Tone-hole, Silver Lip-plate, A#-foot joint, Nickel Silver Plated mech. Case Included.

Option:  Silver Body ($3,000 up)
Option:  Silver Head ($1,100 up)
Option:  E-Mechanism ($980 up)
Option:  Flute Stand ($900 up)
Option: Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($1,700 up)

Body Weight (1.8kg), Height (103cm)
Full Length (1.3m)

Bass Flute in C $15,500

Nickel Silver plated Head & Body, Soldered Tone-hole, Silver Lip-plate, B foot joint, Nickel Silver Plated mech Supporting Rod & Case included.

Option:  Tube All Silver ($2,800 up)
Option:  Silver Head ($1,100 up)
Option:  E-Mechanism ($980 up)
Option:  Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($1,700 up)

Body Weight:  1.8kg
Body Full Length:  1.3m
Weight w/Case: 8.9kg
Case: 69cm x 23cm x 10cm

Alto Flute in G $15,600

Closed-hole Model or Open-hole Model, All Silver, Soldered Tone-hole

Option: Fis Foot joint ($1,600 up)
Option: E-Mechanism ($850 up)
Option: Right-hand Assist Key System ($1,600 up)
Option: Open-hole ($980 up)
Option: Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($980 up)
Gold 14K Body is Available

Weight w/Case: 1.3kg

Concert Flute in C $14,800

All Silver, Open-hole, B-foot

Option: E-Mechanism ($850 up)
Option: C# – Trill ($900 up)
Option: Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($980 up)
Option:  Tube Thickness-Heavy(0.4mm) ($400 up) or Extra Heavy(0.43mm) ($600 up)
Tube All 14K Gold, B-foot….$38,000
All 14K Gold, B-foot…………..$65,000
Tube All 18K Gold, B-foot….$48,000
All 18K Gold, B-foot…………..$75,000

Weight w/Case: 350-500g
Case: 43cm x 10cm x 7cm

Soprano Flute in F $13,800

All Silver, Soldered Tone-hole

Option:  Bee-mode head joint with switching unit * ($980 up)
Tube All 14K Gold……………….$30,000
All 14K Gold…………………………$64,000

Weight w/Case: 200g
Case: 28cm x 8cm x 5cm

What is the Bee-Mode/Membrane Sound?

The Bee-Mode/Membrane Sound is an innovative device that produces a distinctive and unique sound quality. Developed by Mr. Kotato, this device was designed to replicate the beautiful tones of the Chinese bamboo flute while also resembling the resonant qualities of a bassoon reed. It is discreetly installed within the head joint and covered by a delicate membrane. With a simple touch of a finger, you can seamlessly switch from the regular mode to the Bee-mode. This exclusive device is only available for Kotato flutes and has garnered significant attention from jazz and contemporary music performers. Renowned musicians such as Mattias Ziegler, Robert Dick, and Peter Sheridan have successfully embraced this technology in their performances.

The 1 Hole Bee-mode

The 2 Hole Bee-mode

Please watch the following video clip to hear the Bee-mode in action.
Junichiro Tak plays HORSE RACING with KOTATO Bee-mode.

How to place an order for KOTATO FLUTES?

(As of May 1, 2024)

1) Waiting Time: Delivery will be around three years after your order. Because the reputation is very high and so many players from all over the world are on the waiting list. However the production of Kotato Flute Co. is limited to only 75 flutes a year and 7 craftsmen are seeking to build the highest quality flutes by hand with players’ demand. Please be patient to get your dream flute.

2) Deposit: 30% of your flute price including your option. We’ll issue the ORDER CONFIRMATION to confirm your allocation.

3) Final Confirmation of price and option: We’ll confirm your option six months in advance of the delivery. Because the price is subject to change, we’ll confirm your option and price 6 months before.